Terms and conditions

Below you will find the terms and conditions for sale, delivery and payment for Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear situated in Voorschoten and registered at the Kamer van Koophandel in Leiden, number: 28113635. If you order articles at Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

Download the Terms and conditions here

1. In general                            

The terms and conditions for sale, delivery and payment that you will see below are applicable to all our deliveries and services. Only Dutch law is applicable to any rights and obligations resulting from these terms and conditions. When dealing with differences, the Dutch terms and conditions apply before the translated German or English version.

2. Prices

All prices are in euro's, including VAT and excluding Packing and Postage costs.

From July 1, 2021, the prices will be exclusive of VAT. displayed. Due to new legislation, we will calculate VAT from 1 July 2021. of the country to which the package is to be sent. The VAT is calculated after entering your address details.

VAT. rates that will be maintained are:

-Belgium 21% VAT
-Denmark (excluding Greenland and Faroe Islands) 25% VAT
-Germany 19% VAT
-France (excluding Andorra, incl. Monaco and Corsica) 20% VAT
-Great Britain 0% VAT
-Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City) 22% VAT
-Luxembourg 17% VAT
-The Netherlands 21% VAT / 9% VAT
-Austria 20% VAT
-Switzerland 0% VAT

3. Packing and Postage costs

Please note! 

Make sure that if you log in / create an account on our websit, your delivery details (address/house number/zip code/country) are fill in correctly. If the delivery details are not correct and thereby we can not deliver the order, we are forced again to calculate shipping costs.

Shipping costs
THE NETHERLANDS: The contribution to the packaging and shipping costs in the Netherlands is € 5.95 per shipment, regardless of the weight and number of items. Depending on weight and/or volume, the articles are sent in an envelope or as a package.
OTHER EU COUNTRIES: The order will always be sent as a package, so that the package can be traced via Track & Trace. The packaging and shipping costs* to other countries within the EU are:

Country Shipping/packaging costs
Belgium € 12.50 incl. 21% vAT
Denmark (excluding Greenland and Faroe Islands) € 17.50 incl. 25% VAT
Germany € 12.50 incl. 19% VAT
France (excluding Andorra, including Monaco and Corsica) € 17.50 incl. 20% VAT
Great Britain (non EU) € 20.00 incl. 0% VAT
Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City) € 25.00 incl. 22% VAT
Luxembourg € 12.50 incl. 17% VAT
The Netherlands € 5.95 incl. 21% VAT
Austria € 17.50 incl. 20% VAT 
Switzerland (non EU)  € 20.00 incl. 0% VAT
* The amounts are for a package up to 10 kg. If your package is heavier, you may receive an invoice for the extra shipping costs incurred.

4. Payment

After placing an order you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. The e-mail will list the purchased articles along with the total fee, including shipping costs. Manners of payment include: cash, transfer via bank account, and online through IDEAL. IBAN: NL62 RABO 0129896489 in the name of Pien en Polle BIC CODE: RABONL2U.

All purchases will be delivered after the total amount has been paid.

 If you pay via a bank account (internet banking) or via other means of bank transfer, the monies must arrive in the account of Pien &Polle within 7 days of ordering. Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear will hold back the purchased items during these 7 days. If Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear does not receive the payment within this term, The order will be automatically cancelled and the item will return for general sale.

5. Delivery

All articles will be presented to DHL or Post NL for delivery within 7 working days (monday to Friday) after receiving payment for the articles. You will be notified if for any reason this does not happen accordingly. Usually if the packet is supposed to be delivered in the Netherlands you will receive it within 3 days. Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear cannot be held accountable for any delay in delivery, loss of the packet or damage by DHL or Post NL. Most articles are available from stock, and otherwise the term of delivery will be supplied with the article. Articles that are temporarily sold out cannot be ordered.

6. To cancel the order

Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear has the right to postpone your order, or the agreement, without legal interference. We will inform you of this in writing and transfer the amount you have paid back to you.

7. Returning

If the size or the colour of your order is not correct, it is possible to exchange it. Exchanges are agreed on the basis of shared postage for returning/exchanging the item. i.e. you send the to-be-exchanged article back to Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear on your own costs and we send a new article to you on our own costs.

If you are still not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, despite our best efforts to supply you with a good article, then you may return your order or part of it within seven days. Packing and postage costs for returning the articles are your responsibility. After receiving your returned article we will transfer the amount (Packing and postage costs excluded) back to your bank account as soon as possible. If you have received the wrong order as a customer through our fault, Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear will pay for the Packing and postage costs and will send the correct article without additional costs.

Bodycare products cannot be returned or exchanged for hygienic reasons. Sale items cannot be exchanged.

We ask you at all times to contact us via email before you return and/or exchange an article. In this email you must mention the invoice number and the reason the article did not exceed your expectations.

Articles will not be accepted or exchanged if:

  •                     The clothing has been worn or washed.
  •                     And the name of your child or client may not be written, ironed or sewn into the article.
  •                     You have tried to mend a defect yourself.
  •                     Any of the original packaging is missing.
  •                     You have not announced your intention to return it beforehand.
  •                     The articles are on sale.


8. Liabilities

This site has been carefully composed by Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear. However, Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear is not to be held accountable for the consequences of incorrect or incomplete information on the site. It is possible that different shipments will differ in colour, especially with de tricot romper suits; this is due to the difference in dyebaths.

Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear cannot be held accountable for any damage, either physical, material or immaterial, that is the consequence of defective functioning or incorrect use of the articles sold by Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear.

Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear cannot be held accountable for unintentional mistakes in typing and/or print that lead to an erroneous sales price. We have the right to correct these mistakes at all times.

9. Privacy

All personal details will only be used to finalize your order and will never be handed to third parties. This is excluding Post NL and DHL, whom we involve to deliver the articles to you. In this case only the necessary details will be served out.

10. Complaints/questions

 If you have any questions or complaints about the articles and/or the delivery, please  contact Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear as quickly as possible. We will try to answer the question or solve the complaint as soon as possible. Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear strive for happy customers.

11. Copyright

Nothing from this webpage may be copied, saved and/or dispersed without written consent from Pien & Polle Spe©ial Kidswear. Pien & Polle is registered as a brand at merkbureau BENELUX, brandnumber: 1148473.