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Before going to sleep

€ 10,95 tax incl.

A cute little brown box with the following contents:

- 1 aromatic scented stone mouse.

- 1 aroma mixture 5ml. "for sleeping"

- 1 baby massage-oil with mandarin 20ml.

- 2 paper inserts with tips for sleeping

if your child has trouble sleeping at night because of the many impressions it receives during the day, Volatile has a few tips:

* massage your child's feet and belly with the baby massage-oil mandarin. This cheerful oil is calming and smells delicious.

* put 2 to 3 drops of the aroma mixture "for sleeping" on the aromatic scented stone. Leave the stone close to the bed. This oil makes sure your child sleeps deeply and dreams pleasantly.


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Before going to sleep

Before going to sleep