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Rain wheelchair cape Happy Rainy Days

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Sizes: small, medium, large (see size table at the bottom of the page)
Colours: red, black, navy, Britt, Rachel, Marit, Iris

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Sizes Wheelchair cape for adults and children




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At HappyRainyDays, we've been looking for the ideal composition of cheerful materials for a long time. The material had to satisfy the demand for 100% watertight and still well breathing clothes. In addition it had to be nice and comfy. With HappyRainyDays you can face any (long lasting) rainshower without the inside of the clothes getting moist because of perspiration.

Outside material use of all rain clothes


The outside of the rain clothes are made of 100% nylon (next to breathing, it is also not as bad for the environment as a jacket from pvc) and the inside is coated, which guarantees that the clothes stay watertight. Because of this coating the material is also windproof, to counteract cooling down, and well breathing to prevent an accumulation of warmth. Technically the coat has a value of 5000/5000, which means the material can withstand pressures of 5000 mm of water - absolutely watertight - and hydraulic conductivity of 5000 gram/m2/24hours of water vapour - extremely good breathing -.

How does that work, watertight material that still breathes?

Perspiration vapour evaporates (that's what it's for, to cool down) and is then present as water vapour under one's coat. Water vapour is a gas. In gas, all molecules are separate from each other. These can leave the jacket through its pores molecule by molecule.

Rain gets on the coat as waterdrops, so as a liquid. Molecules in a liquid stick to each other. Even when a drop splatter, a lot of molecules still stick together. While sticking together these molecules can't get through the pores of the coat.

Thus, the coat is watertight but not water vapour tight, that is it's watertight against rain and still breathes.

If it rains, a reaction takes place where the coating at the back of the material contracts, which closes off holes. Because of this bubbles can arise in the material. When it stops raining, the coating 'relaxes' again and the bubbles disappear.

Taped seams of the rain clothes

All seams are taped. That means that all seams at the back have an 'adhesive strip', which makes it impossible for water to leak through the seams.

In short: this means that you can easily walk in long lasting rain showers and go for long bike rides with HappyRainyDays.


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Rain wheelchair cape Happy Rainy Days

Rain wheelchair cape Happy Rainy Days

Sizes: small, medium, large (see size table at the bottom of the page)
Colours: red, black, navy, Britt, Rachel, Marit, Iris

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